Concerned about offering a professional, responsible and quality service to our customers, DT Signs is, for many years, a committed member of  E-visions (Syndicat national de l’enseigne et de la signalétique). Moreover, thanks to this performance obligation that has imposed DT Signs, we have obtained the Qualif’ Enseigne Signalétique 3 étoiles certification, recognition of our competence, of our employees’ skills and the quality of services. The Qualif’ Enseigne Signalétique 3 étoiles certification has 3 levels of qualification, represented by stars (1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars). These stars indicate the commitment of the company.  The goal of this certification is to strengthen the notoriety of the profession and to allow the customer to trust in the service proposed by the company.

Furthermore, for more than 10 years, DT Signs turned to the new Led technologies to help its customers to realize energy savings.