LED Digital panels

The use of LED digital panels as sign or totem is an innovative way to make your visual identity modern and dynamic, for both internal and exterior. The signs can be installed in any type of place (shops, streets, stadiums, concert halls…) and automatically adjusts its brightness depending on the environment to offer a perfect visibility, near and far.

This communication device will allow you to refresh your displays, as you like and in one click, by indicating messages, videos, logos, or pictures, to make them more attractive. Thanks to an integrated software in the panel and connected to a computer, you can choose a different visual every day. That makes him a versatile technical media.

The more you choose digital panels with close leds, the more your image resolution will be of high quality.

Moreover, all dimensions are available. It is also possible to create your custom-made screen according to your wishes (transparent screen, round shape…).

DT Signs supports you throughout the project: study, production, electrical network coordination, installation with concrete foundation and training in the use.

To avoid applications for administrative authorization, these digital panels can be put inside the showcase.