Registered trademark by the DT Signs company, which has imposed itself as the French leader on this type of product, LUXIOL corresponds to an innovative manufacture of full mass letter in PMMA illuminated by LED and allowing to have reliefs between 20 and 30 mm.

A positioning software allows us to place the LED in the “strategic” places of letters to obtain perfect lighting, including in the thinnest portions. Validated by the ABFs on many classified sites, they allowed our customers to be able to find a bright alternative for their signs where the conventional enclosures, thicker, were no longer allowed. Thereby, a significant quantity of important networks trusted this product with its exceptional lighting qualities.

The LUXIOLs exist in a wide selection of colours (different white, red, amber, green, blue…), on which you can apply the full range of vinyl and acrylics. It is also feasible in 3D letter and can imitate the neon effect: it is the luxo-néon.

The LUXIOL range is composed of different versions of products allowing a wide choice of possibilities:

  • The Class A: diffusing face and lacquered opaque edges & bottom
  • The Class C: diffusing edges and lacquered opaque face & bottom
  • The Class CR: diffusing edges, back lit and lacquered opaque face
  • The Class R: Back-scattering and opaque face & edges
  • The Class AC: diffusing face & edges and lacquered opaque bottom
  • The Class AR: indirect lighting, diffusing face & bottom and lacquered opaque edges
  • The Class T: visible LED